War and Peace

Well, after all the years that I said that I was going to read this book, I finally checked the book out of the library and I’m thinking about starting it now, but I need to see what needs to be done, in terms of work this week. I can’t remember and I didn’t email it to myself…ugh, I’m such an idiot.

All the animals are sleeping again (are you surprised???) Lilo’s on the couch, Gizmo is somewhere (I can’t find him!) and Casey’s on the floor.)

I was talking to a friend of mine today and her husband is looking at getting a new D-SLR camera and I happen to have a lot of experience in researching them because last year Rob got me a new camera for our anniversary. He’d got me a nice tele zoom camera for Christmas the year before–but I didn’t like it that well and I since I am an aspiring photojournalist, Rob thought I should have a nice camera! It was so sweet of him to get it for me. After I started researching cameras, I realized that it wasn’t the camera body that you have to worry about, it’s the “glass” that gets expensive! I should remember that tip for her husband. The other tipping point was the card type that the camera took. I have a ton of SD Cards and the Nikon was the only one that took that variety and my husband pointed out that if I spent $100 less on the camera, I would be spending $200 on cards! He had a point, you know! LOL. Well, now that I’ve got my mind on this, I’m going to see what magazines have the reviews and see if I can find the reviews on DPreviews.com.

I haven’t quite finished with Playing for Pizza, but it’s funny because one of the guys on his team is FROM Denver and so that just makes the book that much more compelling for me to read. I have a great idea, but I can’t say it here! Well, anyway, I’m gonna get going for now.

Have a great day! TTFN and thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “War and Peace

  1. Kristen says:

    ps – feel free to leave a review on amazon.com, too, if you have the time…they’re really helpful, to the writer and readers both.

  2. Anna says:

    It’s a wonderful book, I think — I hope you enjoy it! I’m reading scholarly articles about GMO regulation right now, which is better than it sounds, but still not War and Peace.

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