Not as boring as you might think…

Hahaha! I finally got a new background for this thing! I have always liked Hello Kitty, but I honestly didn’t like the other backgrounds that they had a pyzam, so I decided to use this. It was a HUGE pain in the butt to update this because it said that I was going to lose all of my widgets if I did…so…I had re-input all the stuff…it didn’t take long since I had saved it in a word doc, but still in all…it took FOREVER it felt like. Really only 2.5 hours to fix the page…but at least I know I can customize this.

Besides, I’m going to start my movie and book log over after the first of the year. Figured I might as well get a fresh start! Only 47 days until Christmas, can you BELIEVE THAT? That means in 46 days I get to see my parents and in 39 days I get to see my in-laws! Life is good! Praise God!

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