Thinking about my hobbies, I really just want to narrow them down to just a few and put my time, energy into just those and do away with those hobbies that I never accomplish much or are abandoned projects. 

I remember someone telling me my grandpa was a gadget guy. Thinking of this revelation, if he’d lived through our tech age, he’d probably be an early adopter. I bet he would probably have the best tech and knowledgable. That is, if he were my age now and here now…

Which brings me to this point. I bought a Samsung phone today. Got quite a few freebies with it…freebies I neither wanted or needed, since I told them SPECIFICALLY that I was not sure I wanted to keep the phone, since I was keeping my iPhone and probably not going to switch to Samsung. And so, until Jan 15, I am rocking the iPhone 6s and a Samsung S6. If you know me, you know that I have never been happy with the android. I keep thinking that if I use it long enough I’ll get used to it. If I try it long enough. But I just don’t think that will be the case. I fully charged and updated my phone. I used it quite a bit less than my iPhone and the battery life is still HORRIBLE. I only have FOUR apps on the damned thing. Facebook, kindle, audible and messenger. I have made setting adjustments to stop the battery from being used. It’s at 80% as of right now. It’s been 7 hours since I last charged my iPhone and have done some heavy websurfing and video watching and my battery is at 65%. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Samsung is a beautiful phone, which is why I want to love it, plus, I am getting a free tv and got a $200 gift certificate. But, I will give the phone more than 24 hours…I’ve never gotten past the 24 hour mark, this being the 3rd time I’ve tried to switch now. But I honestly don’t think I’ll be keeping it. As I type this on my iPhone. And here I say, “android no more”

So, tech is definitely a hobby…a hobby my hubby wishes I didn’t have. 

Crocheting is another hobby. I’ve spent a lot of money on hooks, yarn, patterns etc. many projects have gone uncompleted. I will work on my projects and refrain from starting new ones until the old ones are done. I did just start the temperature afghan and I have a new one I signed up to do starting when Downton Abby starts. It’s an 8 week mystery crochet along project. 

Photography is another one, but I haven’t bought anything for this one in a very long time and I haven’t asked for any glass or accessories for this hobby in a number of years. I sold my Nikon and the glass for it long ago and bought a canon and 1 lens and I don’t use it that often. It’s actually still at my apt in pueblo. I didn’t even bother to bring it home with me over break. I’ve been using my phone exclusively to take photos. 

Bowling. But I haven’t bowled in years…I thought I might go since I was alone in pueblo, but it turns out, not at all. So, I have a custom ball and bag and I don’t even know what to do with it. 

Reading is always a joy for me. And I have my kindle fire, which I have been using to read from. I absolutely love it. I have kindle unlimited and find a lot of free books through email subscriptions. 

I think, though, I should pick just 2 of these hobbies and just stick to them. Reading is the #1 pick and crochet is #2. 

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