Temperature Crochet Along

New year, new project. I have a couple in the works, including a Catherine Wheel scarf using Noro wool and a granny square sweater. I thought I’d have time to work on them over the holiday break, but no such luck! Been spending a lot of time with my favorite people! Everyone goes back to school and work on Tuesday for a week, so I will have time to work on some projects. 

A gal from my nursing class asked me to make her something, so I decided to make her a flower scarf which I will actually knock out next week sometime. 

For my temperature afgahn, I will do it in the Catherine Wheel pattern as well. I have really fallen in love with the stitch and it will work well in the pattern, I think. I think I’m going to work a whole wheel for a day, though. Possibly using one side as the high and the other as the low. Hopefully, it’s not too big, though. Trying to figure out how long to make the afghan, is the other struggle I’m having. 

The yarn is all stuff I bought years ago and needs to be used up! My hubby found a big Tupperware tub of half used skeins. I’ll just use what I have! Here’s my guide  

 I’ll update progress as I go along! This will be fun!!

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