Haunting question

I know I need to finish the last blog, which is the big reason why I haven’t blogged. But, I have this question on my mind. 

When do we stop being precious?

Everyone loves a baby. They’re so precious and innocent. Babies, as we know, grow up to be adults. 

At what point during the life span does their life no longer become precious? At what point does the death of an “adult” mean less than the death of a “child”? Read “adult” or “child” in any way or context that you want to. In my schism, I am specifically referring to a child as a person under the age of 18 and an adult is any person over the age of 18, but really over the age of 25. It’s arbitrary, anyway. It really does not matter how you differentiate this. 

And I’m serious. I am interested in feedback on this topic. 

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