Happy St. Paddy’s Day

My kids and I drove to a st. paddys day story time and bounce house activity. It was nice. There were far too many kids at least at first for them to have much fun. It is never a good idea to host a community activity where every kid is dressed basically the same. Makes it very hard for parents to keep an eye on their children. It was a bit ackward for me, since I had no mommy friends to talk to. At least at first. 

V1 built a tower taller than she is, wore a traffic cone on her head and made easy friends with several boys. She practiced basketball hoops, which I’m sure would make Gpa very proud! She only managed to get the ball into the hoop once, but she was over the moon about it! She was silly about it. Boy, she’s so small, most 2 year olds are bigger than she is!  We met a little girl named Matilda today! She was adorbs!

V2 feigned shyness, in a flirty kind of way. It was very cute. She practiced her walking by pushing a shopping cart around the gym, but you could see that it was ackward for her to do. Her ankles don’t support her big body very well. I think I’m going to make the call to the PT place. With the girls starting Montessori school soon, I’d like to see V2 walking by then…of course, it is 2.5 months away…so there is time…

DH is going to get Irish beer tonight to celebrate SPD tonight. No corned beef and cabbage…hum, what shall we have for supper tonight??

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