NaBloPoMo – At what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive?

I used to be a morning person, but I prefer late afternoon to actually getting stuff done.  I find it quite difficult to get up before 8 and be very productive.  Although, I do love mornings…I’d just rather not DO anything.  Most of my inspiration and motivation is later in the day right around 1-2…which ironically is when my daughter usually takes her 2nd nap.  That is when I try to get most of my stuff done.  However, I used to run errands around that time BC–that is “before child”…haha!  😉  Now, it’s everything I can do to actually get a shower daily or get that load of dishes or clothes washed…ugh…

Funnily enough, I am a better test taker first thing in the morning, though.  I typically do better on any exam at 8 am.  Knowing this, I tended to schedule my classes (when I was in school) in the morning.  Besides, I usually got a better parking spot by having an 8 am class…sneaky, I know…but…whatever.

Anyway, my uncle passed away early this morning, so most of my day has been consumed by trying to make arrangements for travel.  I have a flight for the baby and myself.  My brother and sister-in-law and I are all going to share a room and a car to save a bit of money.  This was an unexpected trip.  My husband would have come with me, but I’m not sure that we could have afforded both of us going.  Now, as well, I’m not sure I can attend my 20 yr high school reunion.  I guess we’ll have to see what the finances look like in a few months.  As of now, I’m not changing my RSVP until I know for sure that I can’t make it.  I really want to go.  I missed my 10 year due to the fact that I was in Iraq at the time…I guess that’s a pretty darn good excuse, but still in all…I was sad to miss it.

Well, it’s my daughter’s bedtime and she doesn’t want anything to do with Daddy at the moment.  Have a good day ya’ll.


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