New Year’s Eve

Well, here we are.  2012, the best year of my life so far, is drawing to a close.  This was the year that my baby was born and we have spent the last 10 months watching her grow and become her own person.  She’s been a joy to watch and it is sad to know that the first year is almost over.  That my tiny baby is no longer “tiny”…my gorgeous baby is so smart and such a sweetheart!  I can’t believe it.  2013 holds something…I just don’t know what yet…it’s going to be a great year, too!

Here’s to all the great years that have past and all the new years to come that hold a year of promise and hope!

New Years projects

Will be starting two new “projects” in 2013.  The first project is a photo (or two) a day for a full year.  The other isn’t so much a project as it is to unplug for 1 hour a day…everyday….to focus on what’s really important.  My daughter and my husband.  I feel that all this technology is keeping me away from what I really need to be focusing on.  I love technology.  I embrace it.  My husband was thinking that he would unplug for a full 30 days….eck!  That’s a bit too extreme for me, but it did get me thinking that I spend WAY too much time on facebook and watching TV.

I want to model for my girl things that I feel are important…I didn’t really want her to be exposed to TV, YouTube or iPhones….but that sort of fell through when my HUSBAND introduced those things to her….it’s a slippery slope and since I don’t want her on those things, I better get off of them, too.  She’s nearly a year old and super smart…a little tiny parrot…monkey see, monkey do!

So as for now, I think I might also try to do a NABLOPOMO for the month of January…we’ll see how long that lasts, though…lol