New Years projects

Will be starting two new “projects” in 2013.  The first project is a photo (or two) a day for a full year.  The other isn’t so much a project as it is to unplug for 1 hour a day…everyday….to focus on what’s really important.  My daughter and my husband.  I feel that all this technology is keeping me away from what I really need to be focusing on.  I love technology.  I embrace it.  My husband was thinking that he would unplug for a full 30 days….eck!  That’s a bit too extreme for me, but it did get me thinking that I spend WAY too much time on facebook and watching TV.

I want to model for my girl things that I feel are important…I didn’t really want her to be exposed to TV, YouTube or iPhones….but that sort of fell through when my HUSBAND introduced those things to her….it’s a slippery slope and since I don’t want her on those things, I better get off of them, too.  She’s nearly a year old and super smart…a little tiny parrot…monkey see, monkey do!

So as for now, I think I might also try to do a NABLOPOMO for the month of January…we’ll see how long that lasts, though…lol

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