NaBloPoMo-From where do you draw your energy?

First of all, Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2013!  What a great start!  Hope this blog finds you well, happy and healthy!


So, where do I draw energy from?  Well, I guess first I should tell  am an extrovert.  I get my energy from those around me.  If you are an introvert, you may feel as though your energy is being sucked away.  You need to go into your own space and recharge your batteries, so to speak.  The extroverts, such as myself, probably suck some of your batteries dry!  My husband is an introvert and he finds that sitting on the computer helps recharge his batteries, while I feel the constant need to be around people.  This is why I like facebook so much.  I can recharge my batteries, so to speak, while my husband recharges his.  I’m a weird extrovert though.  I’m a homebody by nature and I am perfectly comfortable staying inside for days at a time (especially if the weather is less than ideal), but I have a constant need for human contact.  Hence, I go shopping a lot.  Whenever my husband and I are in a group situation, we are always one of the last ones to leave.  Drives my husband crazy, but that’s the extrovert in me.  Him wanting to leave early is the introvert in him. 🙂

I am an ENFJ-Myers-Briggs personality types.  I am classically this type.  This particular personality type is very people oriented and externally focused.  True that I could use my powers for evil, rather than for good…I’m just not very good at manipulating people.  I still have a quite innocent outlook on life and while I am a people-watcher, I don’t often recognize the-not-so-good-stuff until after I’ve thought about it for a while.  But, I do make decisions based upon emotions.  My decisions are usually very quick and not very thought out.  This leads to some regrets later on, but by in large, I’ve done pretty well.

Now that I am a parent, I feel that I should get out everyday.  I love exposing my daughter to lots of new situations.  We attend Baby School-which is nothing more than a playgroup with other children her age.  We sing and the other moms commiserate with each other as our babies go through milestones and developmental leaps.  The baby and I have made some pretty great friends at our time there.  I definitely feel like I get recharged there!

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