Pregnancy induced insomnia

Ah, yes, another sleepless night.  I was up at around 430 am yesterday and I went to bed around 145 this morning and up again at 9am.  The only reason I got up is because my husband came in and kissed me and said, “It’s quarter to nine,” which implies that #1:  He’s late for work #2: It’s time for me to take my medication/eat #3:  You’re not sleeping all day and up all night…

I will get through this, as every pregnant woman does.  It is a well known fact that no woman has STAYED pregnant forever!

I need to go to Target to get some stuff for some kids that are coming to my baby shower.  They are going to be pretty young kids…but I think they can handle crayons and a color book…or I sure hope so…I also have been invited to one of my husband’s co-workers kid’s 2nd birthday party this evening and I need to find something for her.  Something cute!  Maybe I can find a sweet outfit for her or a game for her to play?

Random off topic subject…I think I spend WAY too much time on the computer/facebook…I gave up myspace for the same reason back in 2007/2008 and started blogging on a regular basis.  I don’t think that I’m going to be giving up facebook anytime soon…but I do need to cut back significantly…I’ve gotten very VERY lazy these days and there is a lot of cleaning up than needs to have happen…should I say “NESTING”  In desperate need of nesting!!  I want to start in the dining room and work my way back to the kitchen to the living room and then upstairs and then downstairs…I really don’t want to deal with downstairs…it’s a mess…clothes everywhere that NEED to be either washed or folded/put away…

Yeah, well, I’ll do it later…always later…

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy induced insomnia

  1. Ah yes – procrastination and insomnia – two things I am very familiar with!

    Due to needing to go to the loo twice a night, I am up at 1 and then sometimes again at 3. If I wake at 3 then I generally don’t go back to sleep – aarrgggh! Luckily my husband gets up at 5 so I don’t have to wait too long, getting bored and staring into the dark. Last night I got up, made myself a cup of hot milk, read for a bit and then went back to bed, which sent me back to sleep again, so maybe I’ve discovered a cure – has this ever worked for you?

    In terms of procrastination; at almost 38 weeks I have only just packed my bag. I keep getting snagged on ebay and blogs like yours although generally try to avoid Facebook as it sucks me in for hours!

    Hope your pregnancy is continuing to go well – it’s good to hear your baby’s head is down – mine is still messing about with his/her head up although it doesn’t matter as I’m having a c-section.

  2. shelia says:

    I dont sleep at all during the hours of 8pm to 8am. Its been this way for the last 4 and a half weeks. I have to take 50mg of benadryl as my doctor told me to just so I can sleep and stay asleep. Its beginning to get so frustrating I’m about to come to tears. I understand that at this point in the pregnancy (36 weeks) this sort of thing is normal with the stress of the baby coming out healthy, concerns of the super scary unplanned,unwanted c-section and do I have enough stuff for him? Did I forget to put something in his bag? What about everything in my bag? Who will be at the hospital with me to hold my hand because the father has made it perfectly clear that he just cant handle childbirth in ANY stage so hes useless.This in turn has ruined the relationship cause the bigger my belly grew the further away he went. As you can see I have enough to worry about all I really want is a good natural sleep. I keep saying “once you have the baby you will sleep really good”. We all know thats not true. Late night feedings mixed with gas, pad and diaper changes wont allow any woman to sleep 8 hours for at least an additional 2 weeks after birth and thats at the very least. I just feel like crap and all this pressure from him getting bigger isnt helping. I havent reached my breaking point and I cant wait to see him but OMG I cant wait until this pregnancy is over.

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