Merry Christmas

Not a whole lot going on.  I *think* I mentioned that I have gestational diabetes in an earlier post, but I can’t remember precisely.  So, that’s been going on for about 3 weeks.  In the last couple of days, I’ve finally got my blood sugar down into a good range and in doing so, it has made me feel tons better.  So, a few days ago, experimenting with my food choices, I decided to have a Mini drumstick as part of my carb choices.  For the diet that I have been given, my lunch and dinner carb totals are up to 60 g of carbs, or 4 (15 g each) choices.  I had 1.5 servings of mashed potatoes and the ice cream and my blood sugars soared!  I reported this to my diabetic nurse and she said it wasn’t terribly bad, but that if I wanted to have a sweet again, to just up my dose of insulin by 2 units for the meal.

So, I did that today.  I figured that it’s a special occasion–it is Christmas after all.  So, I up’ed my dose and had 2 teeny-tiny squares of peanut butter fudge that my mother in law sent for Christmas and had the highest number I’d had, but checked 30 minutes later and my blood sugar was at a fasting level.  I don’t know exactly what happened and if I was just testing too early or what, but I’m going to go with the lower number to report.  I know that I shouldn’t be eating that crap anyway, but it WAS a special day…going through the rest of this pregnancy saying, “I can’t have anything” is not a way to live–I’m just going to have to learn to manage it better and yes, I do realize that it’s not forever…maybe…

My dad’s dad had and my dad currently has type 1 diabetes.  There is a good possibility that I’m going to develop type 2 later in life.  Since I have GD, I have a 50% chance of developing Type 2 in the next decade.  Yes, this can be controlled to some degree with diet and exercise.  I run the risk of my baby being born with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and she also, in turn, runs the risk of developing type 2 as she gets older.

But anyway…

Hope that your Christmas wishes came true.


Christmas Eve

What a day!  It’s Christmas eve.  I’ve been up since 3 am and I don’t see a nap in sight.  I don’t feel terribly tired.  Baby girl is quite active today.  I just feel so run down today.  I’ve had 2 baths so far…might end up with three, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m already starting to feel contractions, so that’s fun.

I think there was more that I wanted to write about, but I can’t remember right now.  Maybe I’ll remember in a couple of hours.  I’ve gotta get some dishes done…been slacking big time in that area…


29, almost 30 weeks pregnant

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog.  It’s been a long pregnancy.  I got pregnant using donor eggs while my husband was deployed to Iraq.  Because of my high risk status, I dropped out of Nursing school and became a full-time stay at home.  On Halloween, we adopted a stray kitten.  He’s been a joy to have.  I love my new kitten. 🙂  We named him Jack “O’ Lantern” since we found him on Halloween.

We found out about 10 weeks ago that we are having a little girl.  We’re super excited about it.  We also found out a few weeks ago that I have not ONLY chronic hypertension, but gestational diabetes.  It took one day to fully realize that diet and exercise alone would not keep my blood sugar under control and I went on to insulin right away.   It’s taken a couple of weeks, but have managed to get my blood sugar down into a good range.  It may spike again, but hopefully, we can get it managed quickly now that it’s managed to this point.  I have to check my blood sugar 5 times a day and extra if I want to and I have to shoot myself full of insulin 4 times a day–in addition to counting my carbs and being very careful about what passes through my lips.  Yesterday night, I calculated my carbs and decided to have a small ice cream cone, but it spiked my sugars too high, fortunately, it stabilized in under 45 minutes, but basically it’s gonna have to be something that I have to wait to eat until after this pregnancy’s over.

The baby is so far measuring around 3.5 lbs.  Woah!  Big baby!

She’s been a little quiet today, usually she’s bouncing around twice a day.  It’s been a bit disconcerting that she’s not moving around as much as normal, but I’m not sure it warrants a trip to the ER just yet…

Well, it’s pretty late, so I think I’m going to go lay down.