29, almost 30 weeks pregnant

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog.  It’s been a long pregnancy.  I got pregnant using donor eggs while my husband was deployed to Iraq.  Because of my high risk status, I dropped out of Nursing school and became a full-time stay at home.  On Halloween, we adopted a stray kitten.  He’s been a joy to have.  I love my new kitten. 🙂  We named him Jack “O’ Lantern” since we found him on Halloween.

We found out about 10 weeks ago that we are having a little girl.  We’re super excited about it.  We also found out a few weeks ago that I have not ONLY chronic hypertension, but gestational diabetes.  It took one day to fully realize that diet and exercise alone would not keep my blood sugar under control and I went on to insulin right away.   It’s taken a couple of weeks, but have managed to get my blood sugar down into a good range.  It may spike again, but hopefully, we can get it managed quickly now that it’s managed to this point.  I have to check my blood sugar 5 times a day and extra if I want to and I have to shoot myself full of insulin 4 times a day–in addition to counting my carbs and being very careful about what passes through my lips.  Yesterday night, I calculated my carbs and decided to have a small ice cream cone, but it spiked my sugars too high, fortunately, it stabilized in under 45 minutes, but basically it’s gonna have to be something that I have to wait to eat until after this pregnancy’s over.

The baby is so far measuring around 3.5 lbs.  Woah!  Big baby!

She’s been a little quiet today, usually she’s bouncing around twice a day.  It’s been a bit disconcerting that she’s not moving around as much as normal, but I’m not sure it warrants a trip to the ER just yet…

Well, it’s pretty late, so I think I’m going to go lay down.