>The Journey to August

>So, R is getting deployed a little sooner than we had anticipated.  😦  Such is the life of a military family.  I’m feeling tense right now.

I don’t really know how he feels about it.  It is what it is, to him, I guess.  And it really is what it is…just something I need to work out on my own.  I don’t blame him.  He didn’t VOLUNTEER to go early (or so he says…watch out, I tend to be passive-aggressive…)

I start fertility hormones this week, and as the previous times that I’ve taken hormones, I get a little crazy (eh hem…slight underestimation, probably).  Luckily, R’s VERY patient and tolerant.  And it’s a good thing, too!  I highly doubt we’d still be married if he didn’t tolerate my moodiness.  I’m less crazy since I’ve had him in my life and he’s a little more outgoing too!  Perhaps I’ve just grown out of most of it…and now that he’s getting to know my family better, he kind of understands some of my neurotic tendencies better, too.  In fact, he says I’m a lot like my dad, temper-wise.  We both blow up, but once it’s done, it’s done.  And then, we’re fine!  LOL!

At any rate, we’re going to deal and I’ll probably just be a little neurotic between now and then…at least I was the last time we went through this…I think I know what to expect a little more than before and I also remember how I was thinking back then so I should be aware of things that I might do and try not to do those things.  I really hope that I get pregnant before he goes.  I really REALLY don’t want to do IUI/IVF treatments while he’s gone…

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