>The journey to the end of the 6 week term…

>Oh, and it’s BEEN a journey.  It’s been the hardest 4 weeks of my life, hands down…well, except for the time I was married to my ex.  That was just life, though!  I shouldn’t talk crap, though.  I wasn’t easy to live with then, either and it’s certainly not been easy for my husband NOW!  Part of the reason we did as well as we did the last 18 months of our marriage was because we had roommates.  My roommate J. took a lot of the heat off of I!  Me and I clashed pretty bad, but it was worse with J and I.  I am happy to report though, that I has *finally* gotten into a serious relationship–well, serious enough that it’s on facebook.  Oh, yes.  I am a facebook stalker and I’m not ashamed to admit it!  I search most of my ex’s and see where they are.  It makes me really grateful to where I am.  Is that terrible of me?  I and me divorced 10 years ago in Aug.  So, I am happy that he finally moved on.  It took me a long time, in my opinion, to move on.  I’d been divorced all of…oh wait, I wasn’t divorced when I had my first serious relationship (can you say rebound?)…but it was something like 3 years after I divorced before I met the man I knew I’d marry.

I knew I’d marry R after I deployed to Iraq in 2003.  I knew after a few letters I’d received from him.  One of those letters was about his “man juice” and how I’d just wanted him for that!  LOL!  After talking to one of the gals I worked with at the time, she said that was 7th date information, although we’d never had a 7th date…no we hadn’t even had a 3rd date!  R wanted kids and it was apparent in that letter…a letter I still have.  A man who wanted kids!  And I wanted kids!  It worked out…there was so much more to that, though.  I wrote a pose about the sand to him towards the beginning of the war.  He still has THAT letter, too.

But, I digress…I just finished 2 exams in the lecture, 2 exams in the lab (oh, and this is Anatomy and Physiology) all of which I have excelled.  I  have an exam tomorrow.  I’ve been studying this weekend with my mother in law who is also a nurse.  She said this stuff was just coming back to her!  I was just saying to her on the way up to Denver why on earth do I really honestly need to know ALL of this when we came across a doctor’s office that said that he specialized in maxillary stuff…and I was like, “Oh, I know where that is!” (oh, and I was excited about having this knowledge!)  And she said, “and once you know the bones, the nerves and muscles usually have the same names…who knew…well, I guess she knew!  🙂

So, today, I prepared my lecture homework on joints and spent the better part of the weekend memorizing the axial bones.  I’ve had a few drinks tonight, so I decided that I wasn’t going to review the bones.  I’m getting up bright and early tomorrow to review my bones and structures for the practical (lab exam) tomorrow morning.  Classes end on the 17th.  4 down, 2 to go.

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