Happy New Year

Hi all! I have been very bad about updating my blog. I wanted to write today, but nothing interesting has been happening…other than the fact that I kicked my mother out on the 28th. I have felt a tiny bit guilty about it, but truth be told, I feel like I’m at home now! I feel like if I want to walk around in my underwear, that’s okay! I can do my own dishes now and feed my own dogs.

I started seeing a fertility specialist in November and had an initial evaluation, pelvic exam, HSG xray done, and was put on Clomid for this month. After I finished my Clomid, my doctor put me on an estrogen supplement that I’m still taking and will until tomorrow. Then, we wait. Sort of. I had an ultrasound done last week and she found that on the 8th day of my cycle, I had a 5 cm follicle and she said that it was too early in the cycle for me to have had a follicle that large. She also found something in my uterus, but wasn’t really sure what it was, so…if I’m not pregnant this month, I won’t be taking medication next cycle. She will want to go in for surgery and more evaluation. She said that the chance that I will ovulate might be slim, but still wants me to proceed as planned this month. I will go in on the 13th to have my blood drawn to see if I’ve ovulated. I’ve been doing the home ovulation kits…so far nothing…so, we’ll see.

Anyway, I’m feeling like going out for breakfast and going to a movie, but I’ve gotta get my husband out of bed first. Maybe I’ll go take a shower and THEN wake him up!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Chat with you again soon! Thanks for reading!

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