oh, I never blog anymore!

Hi all!  Sorry that I haven’t been around much!  I’m working again and my husband is gone right at the moment.  Don’t worry.   Not deployed, just in training and he’s been gone for sometime now!  Kind of looking forward to having him home for a while! 🙂

As for me, nothing much is new.  We bought a new house in C. Springs.  It doesn’t really have any of the things that we were looking for in a house, except that it does actually have a fireplace, that’s the only thing about this house that had anything we ACTUALLY wanted!  I think we just got wrapped up in the whole thing.  Ah, well, we’ll know for next time!  I can’t even take a bath in this house cuz the tub is shallow and the hot water heater doesn’t produce enough hot water to fill the entire tub (yeah, shallow tub that can’t be filled with hot water–tells you how big my water heater is!)

There is a nice view with this house, it’s what I refer to as the $20,000 view cuz that’s how much more we paid for this house than the house that had ALL of the things we wanted–like a two car garage and a fenced yard!  Anyway, I’m not complaining…it’s mine anyway.

Dogs and cat are doing well here!  Gizmo doesn’t really try to get out and when he does leave, I don’t think he leaves the yard.  Codi and Casey are learning to get along and play better with each other.  Since I work now, they have been spending quite a lot of time outside alone–left to their own devices which sometimes spells trouble–especially since Codi’s a lab and if you’re at all familiar with how labs can get when they’re bored…well, let’s just say, he’s decided to chew on my vinyl siding and other interesting things!

I quit smoking a month ago.  After the 2 week mark, I almost started smoking again, but decided to find out about acupuncture and I have been doing that for almost 3 weeks now.  Interestingly enough, I used to have pretty severe headaches…but ever since I started acupuncture, my headaches have almost completely gone away!  It’s really amazing!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for right now!  Thanks for reading! 🙂

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