not out of disrespect

My husband ticked me off yesterday, but I’m getting better.  Sleep helped, as I suspected it might.  Still upset, but getting better.

Thanks for the nice comments yesterday.  They made me feel better when I saw them this morning.

Casey and Codi are playing tug-o-war.  Codi is nearly 20 pounds!  A little more than 5 pounds heavier than his big brother.  Casey is still trying to assert his dominance in the house, but I already know who’s going to be top dog!  Codi is letting Casey win some of the battles, but could totally take Casey out if he wanted to!  They are pretty fun to watch!

I’ve got some video footage, but it’s still raw and I haven’t got the energy to work on it right now.  Maybe this weekend…

Anyway, thanks for reading.  Hope everyone’s day is going well.  TTFN

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