Can’t deal

2015 everyone was flipping out and getting butt hurt over every little thing. Yup, I played my part in this…even against my better judgement…red cup, anyone? And evidently, it’s not politically correct to say merry Christmas, except that it IS politically correct to say it and whenever I said happy holidays, I was promptly corrected that I should be saying Merry Christmas. Except that it wasn’t CHRISTMAS…it was a week after Thanksgiving…

Today, I see 2 anti-Muslim posts by friends of mine…one was bitching about house resolution 569 which condemns violence and hate speech against Muslims. The ranter said, “can you f#%*ing believe what our House just passed?” And the other post was about “teaching about Muslims in schools and how it must be the PC thing to do and our American kids don’t need to know such things (like what kinds of clothes Muslim people wear…apparently, clothing and culture aren’t things we want kids to know about or something? I don’t know…)

Nevermind that 15 years ago I was teaching peace in the Middle East to 7th graders when I used to teach. Nevermind that in order to understand the conflict, you need to know the history of the conflict and unfortunately, part of the conflict is religion. But what do I know? 

In Denver not too long after the Paris attacks, a bookstore called “Isis” was defaced. Isis is an Egyptian goddess…but people don’t particularly care and vandalize because they are ignorant and happily so. Not just that, plenty of backlash against Muslims all over the country. 

I’m just over it. I’m done. I can’t deal with the racism, the xenophobic behavior, the hate. 

I’m over it. Over it all. 

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