Well, I was sent an email requesting that I blog about things like “Breastfeeding”, tid-bits and recipes, photographs, crafting, patriotism, military life and travel adventures.  Which I would love to blog about these things.

So, look out in the future for some of these topics.

As for now, I am decluttering baby toys.  I moved a whole box of toys out of the living room and kept about 1/2 box full and few other toys that are too big to be left in the toybox.  I’m actually thinking about taking out one of the big toys and reintroducing it to her in the future…to rotate the toys around, learn new skills and practice old ones.

Anyway, I’m kinda feeling blah right now.  I’m just gonna chill out  for a bit.  Going to decide what to do for dinner.  I kinda want to go out to eat…

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