>Journey to IUI

>So, Wednesday afternoon, I am getting my IUI procedure done.  I’m very excited, but nervous.  I hope this works.  I want a baby so much.  I pray everyday that He bless my family with more love!

My life is full, but it is incomplete.  My life is so wonderful as it is right now, but I feel like I’m missing out on something.  I have so much love to give and I already love so much!  I am so blessed with a truly outstanding support system!  I am not so strong, I just have really strong people holding me up and I never say thank you for being there…and I sort of take it for granted.  I am sorry if I haven’t said thank you enough or call enough or say I love you enough.  If I have neglected you or taken your friendship and love for granted, I beg for forgiveness and I will try harder!

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