>The Journey to the British Isles!

>As some of you may know, we’re getting ready to take a vacation to England, Scotland and Ireland!  I can-not wait!  Friday can not get here soon enough.  If you are one of my facebook friends, do not plan on me posting all that often, nor responding to any posts for a month!

Oh my goodness, that means that it’s just that much closer to deployment…I can’t believe that it’s already that time of the year.  Tear, tear.  I’m going to be lost without my best friend!  At least I’ll still have school, but when he was gone for 3 months to train at Ft. Leavenworth, I was lost then…and I was working and my mother lived with me for a short while.  Sigh.

I do have a wife, though.  One of my longest friends…a friend I’ve had since I was in jr. high school…will be mostly local while her husband is off working a variety of jobs throughout the US.  At least I won’t be totally alone.  I feel like that prayer has been answered.

If it turns out that I haven’t conceived before R’s gone, I will try a couple of IUI’s.  We haven’t decided how many of those treatments I should endure before going to IVF…there’s a significant cost increase with that kind of treatment.  In my mind, 3 IUIs before IVF…but, I don’t know how much more successful an IVF will be.  As far as the docs know, we’ve already corrected the known problems, SO the IUIs should work…

Anyway, if I’m not pregnant this cycle (sniff, sniff), the upside is that I can drink my body’s weight of vodka and various wines for a week or two before we try naturally…here’s hoping…

One thought on “>The Journey to the British Isles!

  1. >You will have so much fun in the British Isles! Are you visiting major cities, or will you be spending some time along the countryside? If you want a good afternoon tea, try the Rubens Hotel. Have fun!

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