>The journey to becoming a nurse

>I started my nursing education in Jan of this year. It hasn’t been all that easy to come back to school after having been away for such a long while. I received a letter in the mail yesterday announcing the fact that I had made Dean’s List, a fact that I knew weeks ago, but merely legitimized it.

I started the summer semester just over 2 weeks ago and it’s been a grueling couple of weeks. 4 to go. I have a total of 11 exams plus 4 majors projects and 2 papers–that’s just in 4 credit hours, or two classes. I have another 4 credit hour class that begins in June. That class has nothing to do with becoming a nurse, but will help me to become better with my hobby, photography.

And as I write this, my mind is currently on all the homework and memorization that needs to get done, as there are 3 exams this week.

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