My Fertility

Well, last cycle, my RE started me on a 100mg clomid cycle.  She did an ultrasound on day 8 of the cycle and found a quite large ovarian cyst which caused her concern, but not too much.  What she was more concerned about was what she saw in my uterus.  I have a polyp or fibroid tumor.  Not sure which…well, because I have an ovarian cyst, she don’t want to do surgery on the polyp until she figures out whether or not she needs to operate on my ovary.  She doesn’t want to put me under the knife twice.  She can do everything in one shot.

So, we’re not sure exactly when, but in about 4 or 5 weeks, I’ll have to go in for a surgery.  Once that’s all done, I get to do a brand new clomid cycle and see how that goes.

Nothing much more to report on.  Just wanted to give a quick update…that and I’m really procrastinating on getting my Chemistry Lab homework done.  I’ve got a little bit of time.

Well, better run.

Thanks for reading!