stuff I’ve been thinking about…

I don’t know how far you’d go to say this, but since my mother has moved out, she has found both an apartment and a job!  The job is temporary–until April 15–it’s at a tax preparation center, but it’s a job!  I’m so proud of my mother for obtaining employment!  She’s living and working in Grand Junction!

As for me, I’m still waiting for THE “BIG FAT POSITIVE” AKA BFP.  I don’t want to psych myself out or think that I am having psychosomatic feelings, but I have been feeling very ill for a couple of days and this evening, I could smell my dog’s urine 3-5 minutes after he’s pee’d in the house.  Truth be told, I’ve never smelt his urine before.  I’ve also been having “hot flashes” the last couple of days.  The highest my temp that I got was 98.9, but that’s pretty high for me; my typical temperature is 97.5.

Anyway, I’m not trying to get my hopes up, but MAYBE this month my husband and I DID make a baby! :D I’d be thrilled if I did!  We’ve got three girl names picked out:  (normally, I wouldn’t share–but honestly, I don’t care— if you want my names, take em-cuz I’ll use em anyway!) Tori Nicole, Erin Renee (accent over the last e), Sabine Michelle.

No boy names picked out.  These are the girl names that have been approved! :D

Okay, enough.  TTFN!

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