Despite having gone out to eat for three meals this week, my weight-loss seems to be on track. I started at at 170 on Wednesday and have nearly hit the 165 mark. Granted, most of the weightloss that I’ve seen this week is probably due to losing some water (more like retention), but it’s a start.

I’ve started eating AT least two fruits a day and increased my water consumption by nearly 200%. Everyday this week, except for yesterday, I’ve made my two lap trek up and down the infamous hill. Today, I managed to do three laps, which I thought I could go another lap, but my knee was bothering me, so opted to just go home. Codi was done, too. He was ready to call it a day.

Tomorrow, I’ll keep it up at 3 laps until I feel comfortable and confident in those and increase it from there. Starting Monday, I’m going to have Rob help with some strength training–that is sit-ups, push-ups and dips.

3 thoughts on “Weigh-in

  1. Excellent!

    I remember when I started actively caring for myself better (read: losing weight and eating better), I was walking as fast as I could in a 3-mile circle around a moderately hilly neighborhood in Alabama. In the summer.

    Have you ever felt an Alabama summer?

    You don’t want to.

    Anyway – getting started is the hard part. Once it becomes routine, STOPPING is hard. Which is good, because it’s easier to take good care of yourself when it becomes habit.

    Stay with it, you!


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