Despite having gone out to eat for three meals this week, my weight-loss seems to be on track. I started at at 170 on Wednesday and have nearly hit the 165 mark. Granted, most of the weightloss that I’ve seen this week is probably due to losing some water (more like retention), but it’s a start.

I’ve started eating AT least two fruits a day and increased my water consumption by nearly 200%. Everyday this week, except for yesterday, I’ve made my two lap trek up and down the infamous hill. Today, I managed to do three laps, which I thought I could go another lap, but my knee was bothering me, so opted to just go home. Codi was done, too. He was ready to call it a day.

Tomorrow, I’ll keep it up at 3 laps until I feel comfortable and confident in those and increase it from there. Starting Monday, I’m going to have Rob help with some strength training–that is sit-ups, push-ups and dips.

Still nothing

It’s been 3 weeks PAST the date that we were told that we would be getting orders and nothing!  Rob’s tried to call several times, to no avail.  He’s also sent several emails that haven’t been responded to.

So, what’s the #1 question we get asked?  Where are you going?

What’s the #2 question?  When are you going?

I can not answer them because I do not know.  I ALWAYS qualify my answers with:  We still don’t have orders yet, so nothing is set in stone.  The only question I can answer with confidence is (and I qualify this with: I have only KNOWN this for less than 1 week!):  When is the Change of Command?  11 Jun at 10 am.

Anyway, tomorrow night is the BN CDRs farewell dinner.  It promises to be fun.  I have to get some stuff done for his wife that I promised to do…why am I such a lazy slacker?  Meh, I thrive on deadlines and it’ll get done…if at the very last second!

Monday, Rob and I are going to take the battery on a trip to Europa park.  Tomorrow, Rob and his 1SG will have to do vehicle inspections and I NEED to get that permission slip typed.  Man, I’m glad I KNOW how to write one of those!  All those years teaching gave me one good skill…lol!

Friday is the BN Org day (friendly competition between the batteries–good food, good friends–lotsa girl talk! 🙂

Then, the week after we land right on the changes of command.  3 of them that day.  Starting at 8 am.  I am video tapping the ceremonies for posterity.  I figure it’s a nice bookend to the command.  That reminds me, I’m going to need to get that bad-boy charged…3 hours worth of battery time…might not make it!  I’ll have to see if I can get another battery this weekend…not that I’ll necessarily need another battery in the future…it’s just something else to buy and clutter up my already cluttered house!  How do two people, two dogs and a cat accumulate so much CRAP!?

I found out yesterday that a friend that I went to high school with committed suicide on Saturday.  He had a wife and an adorable little girl.  I feel so sorry for that family.  In 8th grade, one of the girls I went to school with committed suicide and that same year, another friend of mine’s dad committed suicide.  What a sad situation.  The Army is trying to stop people from committing suicide and they require all Soldiers regardless of rank to attend a Suicide prevention class.  I’ve attended many of these briefings because I am the FRG leader and I invite the Soldier’s family members to attend as well.  That’s just one of the differences between being married to the military and civilian life!

Anywho, I need to get busy.  I woke up nearly 2 hours late this morning–the dogs didn’t even try to wake me up, either (strange!) and so they had a late breakfast.  It’s after 2pm and I haven’t eaten anything yet, either.  Need to get it into gear because I still need to go for a walk and find a way to replace those calories that I’m missing for today.  I just don’t feel up to it…maybe because it’s overcast here, today.  It’s not as warm today as it has been in the recent past.  Okay, so…buuub-bye!

This past weekend

Well, it hasn’t been very exciting.  We went shopping yesterday and got a new haltee for Casey-puppy.  He’s terrible to walk, but took him out yesterday using it and it was much, much easier!

Today, we went to the base exchange and I got a new movie, “Marley and Me”.  We’ve seen it before, but I just loved it so much that I wanted to own it.  I have all the movies that are related to our animals, and Marley is so much like Codiak that it’s just a little eerie.  I know, I’m weird when I pick out movies!  😉

And that’s all that we’ve done today.  We’re so boring.