I deleted my Facebook app on my phone. I didn’t delete my account, at least not right now. I need a break. Everything on my feed is political. Everything for the last three days has been nothing but Dr’s Stethoscope.

I’m so distracted with Facebook. So, I’m taking a break. It’s nothing against anyone. It’s not you, it’s me. 

Things I’ve noticed

I am on my way out the door. I have a hospital orientation this morning. But, a few things really struck me this morning. I want to get my thoughts out about things I’ve noticed. But just doing this so I can remember what it is that I wanted to talk about later. Also, this will give me a chance to fully develop those thoughts.

Mainly what I want to talk about is nutrition. But many other things come along in thoughts. They’ll be more solidified as I have time to mull it over.

Stay tuned!

Well, well, well

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. There’s not much time in nursing school. To which, I have completed and passed the first semester…AGAIN…lol. I guess that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

I had a long weekend with the family over the 4th of July. It was a great weekend. Lots of love and cuddles.

I’m home on a long 3 week break. The kids are doing well, I’m doing well. It feels weird not to “have anything to study” although there is plenty to read…I’m trying to work my way through the chapter on electrolyte balance in my med-surge book. Being that it’s one of the most important things I’ll be dealing with as a nurse, I feel it’s prudent to get a jump on it…but I simply can not find the motivation to actually get past the first few pages. I start to read and I get distracted…yet, I’ve had no trouble at all with pleasure reading or catching up on my facebook or netflix…

I’m also finding myself less inclined to stay in several of my infertility groups. Although Rob and I have decided that we might try for #3 over the winter break, we have done the math and us trying this break would not be feasible and would likely require me to drop out again. We want to make the separation worth it…make it count, as it were.

Well, at any rate, there’s really not a lot going on. I’m leaving to head back to Pueblo on Saturday. I’m not looking forward to leaving the kids again, but Thanksgiving will come quick this year…as time seems to go more quickly as I age.

Speaking of time, we took the kids to the Children’s Museum yesterday and V1 wanted to go to her friend’s birthday party and she wanted it to hurry up. I told her I couldn’t make time go any faster, but that it would be here before she knew it. She got mad. Funniest thing ever. She was mad at me because I couldn’t make time go faster. I told her that she shouldn’t wish for such things because before she knew it, she would wish that time would slow down just a bit. I’m not lying about that.

I was reading through my old posts. Sometimes I can hardly believe that I wrote that stuff. The word choices that I had made…or the topics. Seems so long ago in a far away place, yet I know that the words came out of my brain and I typed them with my fingers…

Anyway, better get a move on. Have to switch the carseat…V1 has a birthday party to go to!

Paper Towns

Probably the most poignant phrase that describes my life right now. 

 It is so hard to leave— until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world. – John Green 

More excellent quotes:

 What a treacherous thing it is to believe that a person is more than a person.

That moment…

that moment I decided I don’t drink any beverages from a fountain. 

Being that I’m pre-diabetic, I have to be vigilant in my sugar and carb consumption. I know that coke has carbs, so I decline to drink those. Diet coke has artificial sweeteners. Those may are may not be good to consume, but I decline those, also. 

So, when I ordered an iced tea through the drive through today, I actually could taste that it was out of a fountain. In a quick search, I was able to pull up the nutritional information for both coke and Pepsi and there is a whooping 13 g of carbs in an 8 oz serving! Which you can find here.

When I told the cashier I didn’t want it, could she just get me water instead, she was incredulous. I said I don’t drink anything out of a fountain. She got really pissed off with me. Like really. I really dgaf if I paid for a fountain drink. I don’t want it. 

When I thanked her for getting me water, she scowled at me, and pretended not to hear me. 

Whatever. My body, my choice. No fountain drinks for me…

Speaking of gross, took my kids to chuck e cheese for dinner last night. My husband got them milk. When I poured it into a cup, it poured out like some gelatinous grossness that neither had the consistency or taste of milk. I also ate a fair share of pizza. About an hour after I got home, I needed to drink about a liter of water, just to dilute my blood from the sugar overload. I felt sick and ended up going to bed very early because I felt very unwell after dinner. The sauce is loaded with sugar, as is the pizza dough. 

Looking forward to a nice protein meal tonight with a hearty helping of salad and green veggies!


It occurs to me today, how much I going to miss the “ese”. You know, the secret language of your kids that you have to translate for outsiders. I’m not going to be the translator, anymore. 

V1 has a word for cut. It’s “ripped”. Like when you rip a piece of paper. She also tells people she’s Ceerah (Cinderella). And sometimes, she’ll courtesy instead of saying hello. And she does it at the store. I always have to translate to the strangers. But, I’m going to miss the transformations. 

And V2 will start needing to be translated. I’m going to miss out on that… 

And the realization of this makes me sad. 

Speaking of sad, v1 has been trying on different emotions lately. I’m sad or I’m mad. She doesn’t fully grasp them yet, but she’s getting closer to the mark everyday. 

Still, thank god for Skype. We plan to integrate this into family meal time. I’ll be an hour behind them, but for 30 minutes (or longer if need be) I’ll get to have dinner with my kids. 

15 months. It’s ONLY 15 months. And I get breaks. 

Your worst enemy

So, it’s no secret that I rip photos off of facebook. This pretty much summarizes the next 15 months of my life.

image My response to this is: you are your own worst enemy.

And my hubby reminds me: do or do not. There is no try.